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The vigilance function is an integral part of the HSCC (India) Limited. It is the nodal section for handling all vigilance matters of the HSCC. It believes that with best practices, adequate controls and transparency in place, decisions taken will be professional, efficient, effective and consistent, leading to the corporate excellence. The Vigilance Division of Corporation  is under the charge of Chief Vigilance Officer (of the rank of Joint Secretary) who is assisted by the Vigilance Officer, HSCC.

Complaints received from within the Corporation, Members of public, Central Bureau of Investigation, Central Vigilance Commission, Clients and Ministry of Urban Development are investigated in the Vigilance Division. After investigation of complaints, where lapses/ irregularities are established, the disciplinary proceedings are initiated against the delinquent employees


Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informers (PIDPI)

The Govt. of India under the Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informers (PIDPI) resolution authorized Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) as ‘Designated Agency’ to receive written complaints from general public on any allegation of corruption and misuse of office by any employee of the Central Government or any other Corporation, Company, Society etc. owned or controlled by Central Government. Under the PIDPI resolution, the identity of the complainant is kept secret and complainant is protected from victimization for making such complaints.





  1. Please ensure that the complaint is addressed directly to the Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) / Vigilance Officer (VO).
  2. Complaints should be lodged against HSCC and its Officials excluding Directors of the Company.
  3. Complaint should not be anonymous or pseudonymous.
  4. Complainants are expected to mention their names and complete postal address for correspondence for owning/verification of the Complaint.
  5. In case the Complainant did not own/verify the Complaint, provide requisite verification proof, no action will be taken and shall be filed.
  6. Complaints should contain complete postal address and mobile/telephone number, if any, of the sender. Complaints on email received without this information will be treated as anonymous/pseudonymous and filed.
  7. Vigilance Department deals only with the matters of corruption, containing allegations/complaints of misconduct or malpractice.
  8. Complaint should not be biased or based on any personal grievances not having any vigilance angle as such.
  9. Complaints having incomplete/vague/generic observations are difficult to inquire into or investigate are normally filed (No action taken).
  10. Complaints are expected to lodge complaints regarding issues having vigilance angle which are not part of any litigation in the courts, tribunals etc. i.e the matter should not be sub-judice.
  11. Complainants who wish to make whistle blower complaint and hide their identity should make complaint as per procedure enumerated by the Central Vigilance Commission. Complaints not made as per this procedure shall be treated like a general complaint.
  12. Actionable complaints will generally be acknowledged but it is not always possible to keep the complainant updated with the status of the case. However the complaints are followed up by us to their logical conclusion.


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